Utility companies, energy service companies, and non-profits use the Energy Hog for successful public events and for school outreach!   For more information on school outreach please see examples on the Energy Hog assemblies page.

The Energy Hog teaches students about energy efficiency and encourages them to bring the message home to their family.  Utilize the Energy Hog mascot at public events to grab attention and bring the message of energy efficiency home.


Energy Hog Rental Information is available here.

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The Energy Hog stole the show and accomplished more than we could have ever explained.”  Jackie Jinks, Conservation and Environmental Director, Morristown Utility Systems and Fibernet, Tennessee

The Energy Hog gets the energy efficiency message across to students, faculty, and staff in a way that they  remember and talk about to their friends and families.”  Vince Meyer, Energy Educator, Knox County Schools, Tennessee

Since the assembly with the Energy Hog, students have been more aware of their role in conserving energy at our school. ”  Angie Shelton, 6th Grade English/7th Grade science teacher, Flintville Elementary School, Tennessee