Learning about energy is fun when you include Energy Hogs! The Energy Hog Challenge is a set of classroom activities that guide children through lessons about different sources of energy, how we use energy at home, and how to bust energy hogs to save energy.

Students will:

  • Learn good energy-saving habits
  • Bring their lessons home to help their families save money by reducing home energy bills
  • Protect natural resources for future generations.
Teacher Guide Student Guide

Check out lots of fun games and learning tools – for kids only at the Energy Hog for Students website!


Other Sites for Kids

TVA Kids:  Games and basic energy tutorials and puzzles for kids

DOE Kids Saving Energy: Games, tips and facts for kids who want to save energy.

Touchstone Energy Kid Zone:  An educational site for kids featuring interactive games, and tutorials.

Energy Star Kids:  An interactive website that explains basic energy concepts and provides an interactive energy efficiency guide.

Energy Kids: Games, puzzles and graphical explanations of energy concepts.


Other Energy Efficiency Education Sites

U.S. Department of Energy  Lesson Plans: Lesson plans, labs, projects and other activities for K-12 on energy related topics.

National Energy Education Development Project Lesson Plans:  Curriculum materials, lesson plans and activities organized by subject and grade-level.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Lesson Plans: Provides educational resources about renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, including hands-on projects and curriculum.


Energy Hog Tag

Schools have used the Energy Hog as a way to visualize Energy being wasted and to turn students into Energy Hog Busters. Watch the video below to see how Green Magnet used students to change school culture with their version of Energy Hog Tag.


Click here to download Energy Hog Tag Instructions and Tickets at your school.