Saving Energy at School

Busting Energy Hogs can save schools lots of money.  Did you know that schools spend more on energy than they do on computers and textbooks combined?  Energy Hog lesson plans and activities help students find ways to save energy at school.   Book an Energy Hog assembly to make saving energy more fun!

  • Energy Hog assemblies are a big hit at schools.  Not only  are these assemblies memorable, but they put a face on invisible energy waste.  An Energy Hog assembly is a high energy, interactive way to educate students, faculty, and staff about energy efficiency .  Available for your use are assembly scripts as well as ideas to keep the momentum going after the assembly.
    • For educational resources including lesson and activities that can be used with students please check our Resources section.


Energy Hog Tag

Schools have used the Energy Hog as a way to visualize Energy being wasted and to turn students into Energy Hog Busters. Watch the video below to see how Green Magnet used students to change school culture with their version of Energy Hog Tag.


Click here to download Energy Hog Tag Instructions and Tickets at your school.

Find out more about Energy Saving opportunities at schools here, or learn more about the Alliance to Save Energy’s education programs.